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Thursday, 24 January 2013

You Gov or EU Gov ?

After Daves speech about our future relationship with the EUSSR the battle for the hearts and minds of the British Public has begun. In one of the most cynical disgusting attempts to sway public opinion You Gov announced that a Poll indicates the enthusiasm for leaving the EU is waining among the British public. According to YouGovs Peter Kellner more people are now in favour of staying in the EU than leaving (40% to stay and 34% to leave).

I say Bollocks. Bollocks because this survey asked only 1900 people out of an adult population of 40,000000 plus.Such a small sample size makes this poll a load of bollocks.

Bollocks also because Peter Kellner is married to Communist and ex CND member Cathy Ashton who holds one of the most senior yet unelected positions in the EU without doing a days work in her life.
No conflict of interest there then.

YouGov or EU Gov is just one part of a huge psyops mission funded by the EU to alter public opinion and to  smear UKIP and particularly Nigel Farage.

Read the "POLL" here.

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