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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Sussex Police actively protected Jimmy SaVile from prosecution-why?

It just gets worse.

Sussex Police Officers actively discouraged victims of Jimmy SaVile from pursuing their complaint on the grounds that he was famous/he had good lawyers etc.The disturbing truth is that JS was never going to be arrested/charged by Sussex Police or any other Police force in the country because he was one of them.when I say one of them I dont mean a Policy officer I mean one of THEM- a Mason.

In reply to the findings..."Deputy chief Constable Giles York, from Sussex Police, said that “experienced and committed” officers had “acted in good faith” but the force “could have done better.

Jesus H Christ-Thats the understatement of the year they "could have done better"-my dog could have done a better job than Sussex Police but once you realise that JS was a Mason then you realise how it all works.Sussex Masonic Police protects their own even if their own is a disgusting child molesting bastard who even abused a dying kid in a hospice.

Its widely known that most Police forces are rotten to the core with masons/common purpose etc etc but who in their wildest dreams would believe that the Police would protect a kiddy fiddler from prosecution by bullying the alleged victim.Makes you wonder though whether something akin to the child abuse ring in Belgium is going on here with members of the Police,Politicians,Judges etc all part of a high level paedo ring with someone like JS as the ring leader.


  1. Katy Bourne Sussex Police Crime Commissoner is she covering up for
    Remove Martin Richards as Chief Constable and ask an outside Police Force to investigate corruption and gross misconduct inside Sussex Police ForceWhy is this important?
    A complaint made against Arun District Council in 2002 that a pedophile ring was operating within the council offices appears to have been interferred with by the Chief Constable who appears to be freinds with the ex-Chief Executive of the Council. When the same council then used false documents to bankrupt the author of the statement, Sussex Police failed to take any action. Instead it appears that they actively encouraged the bankruptcy court by writing at very specific hearings denying any ongoing investigation or at the very least minimising their involvement - leaving the defendant in this case looking as though he was either lying or attempting to delay the court proceedings. The judge in the matter eventually lost patience and granted the bankruptcy order. The man's £500,000 home was then sold for little over half price to the best friend of one of the original investigating officers. He was best man at the freinds wedding.

    More info on Katy

  2. Katy Bourne Sussex Police Crime Commissoner is she a mason?? she is good at covering up corruption check out.

  3. Thanks for those links-very interesting but also very disturbing.

  4. Hi Folks
    Check these out

  5. Hi Folks
    Sussex Police
    Katy Bourne SPCC
    Have a look at these sites

  6. Katy Bourne Sussex Crime commissor. Gives jobs to proven corrupt Masons Steve Waight all they old gang are back running Sussex Police and covering up Corruption

  7. Katy Bourne SPCC more news on wonderful Katys oldman


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