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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Reds- in the bed since 1989.


The NHS run by a communist and turned into a  death service.

Horsemeat on our table.

Open door immigration.

The economy imploding.

Taxes going through the roof.

Small businesses going bust at a rate not seen before.

Reliant on Russian gas and Chinese nuclear know how to keep the lights on.

The armed forces fighting futile wars overseas whilst being cut to the bone.

Living under Police state conditions.

Thought crimes and pre crimes.

Families undermined.

Corruption in high and low places.

This is living in Britain 2013 but how have we got here.

In the 19th century Britain was the first global superpower.The British empire spanned the globe but it was an Empire built on trade with other nations.Unlike Spain and France our trade was a two way process whereby we provided countries with a modern infrastructure using British technology and we got raw materials and commodities in return.
This continued into the 20th Century when we still had the capability and wealth to fight two global wars in the space of 20 years .
Fast forward through the 50s to the 60s when British technology was at its peak and the country was doing pretty well for itself.

In the 70s the communists of the trade union movement starting kicking off and Heath sold us down the river to be shackled within a european common market in return for a yacht and an endless supply of young boys from childrens homes across the country.

The 80s saw Margaret Thatcher trying to hold the line against europe but ultimately failing when she got ousted by the europhiles and peadophiles within her own party.

The actual date we can pinpoint as the the turning point for Britain which meant we ended up taking the road marked communism rather than freedom was 1989.Whilst we were all watching the Berlin wall come down and the "fall" of communism across europe we took our eyes off the ball.Looking back it seems strange that left leaning and communist organisations like the Unions Labour Party and the BBC were celebrating the failure of the doctrine of communist that they admired so much. When communists and socialist alike celebrated the downfall of communism and socialism in foreign lands we should have all smelt a rat rather than swallowing the "death of communism" line hook line and sinker.
Naive doesnt begin to describe the fact that we all believed that all those authoritarian communists in eastern europe suddenly overnight became freedom loving capitalists.In fact what happened was that europe was flooded with hard line communists looking to further their war against the "evil" US and Britain.
They all found a nice home within Western Europe and gravitated to the eu where their hardline attitudes were actively encouraged. Before long the communist Eastern Europe that we thought had gone was merely replaced by a similarly communist structure that stretched from the North Sea to the border of Russia. The eussr was born and from that point on it was open season on the Brits and Yanks.When it was clear that Britain and the USA were not going to join the global communist party it was decided to undermine the only 2 countries that were standing in the way.
Using techniques perfected by the East during the Cold War it was decided to attack the UK/USA from inside by appointing communists to positions of power within all the main sectors of government and implement the plan from within.With typical East German efficiency it was completed much quicker than anticipated.Within 20 years the UK/USA had been isolated and weakened to such an extent that their industrial capacity has been eliminated and moved to communist China whilst at the same time their joint military muscle has been reduced to a state never seen before.

Now in 2013 those communists that were inserted into all levels of life within this country and the US have now risen like scum to the top.In this country we have had communist Blair replaced by communist Brown who was replaced by communist Cameron backed up by communist Clegg.The badge they wear may change but their political allegiance is most definitely socialist/communist.

So in 2013 we have a blue communist party in charge of this countries decline and America has a
socialist Kenyan in charge of its decline.

It can all be traced back to 1989 .The year is remembered as the date communism fell in Europe when in fact it was the date communism spilled out and contaminated the whole world.If in doubt
research just a few politicians from all parties and senior Police Officers/local officials and see how many of them are actually "ex" communist members or socialist placemen.

1989 -the year it all changed and the year a communist named Julia Middleton came from nowhere with a couple of million in her pocket and started common purpose.

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