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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Gun Deaths V NHS Deaths.

Deadly Killer.
Skorpion SMG.

On average there are about 50 gun deaths every year in the UK.Despite the fact that most of these deaths are as a result of  illegally held firearms it has not stopped the neo communist socialists from proposing even more draconian restrictions on legal gun posession. It has been proposed that partners and ex partners should be asked whether a person is a suitable person to own a gun.Like all things these days its actually about control rather than safety-the powers that be dont want the public to own firearms because it makes them feel uncomfortable that the plebs may have the means to fight back in a freedom vs oppression type conflict situation.

Even if they banned the private ownership of all firearms the number of gun deaths would never go much below this figure because no self respecting boy from da hood would settle a score with rivals using an over/under shotgun or a .22 rifle.Weapons of choice for the criminal classes are all illegal to hold anyway so changing the rules for legal gun owners is not going to bother said boyz one little bit.
If you are intent on criminal gun carnage are you really likely to go along to plod and dutifully fill out the forms to get a weapon inferior in everyway to the Skorpion  or MAC10 that can be obtained from certain areas of most large cities in the UK for a couple of hundred quid-no questions asked.
I think not.

50 deaths a year works out a less than one a week across the whole country of 60 million plus people.

Lets look at another statistic shall we.Over the last 2 years by the governments own dodgy figures
4200 people have died prematurely in only 5 NHS(or should that be NDS -D being Death) trusts across the country.4200 people have died or in effect killed  but no one-not even the communist in charge of the NHS has faced any action-criminal or otherwise.

To put it simply you would need 80 years of average annual  gun deaths for the entire UK to come anywhere near the number of people killed off by the NHS in just 5 locations across the country in just 2.

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