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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

BBC-another nail in the coffin.

Very interesting article here from blogger Autonomous Mind about how the BBC decided that they would abandon any pretence of impartiality on the subject of global warming/climate change.They maintained that the science was settled after a meeting of  the "best scientific experts"in 2006 convinced them that the threat from climate change was so important that anyone who challenged this view would not be allowed the "oxygen of publicity".Since that date hardly a programme has gone by without some mention of  global warming/climate change .
Any attempt to discover who these "best scientific experts" were failed because the BBC refused to respond to any FOI requests citing there own get out clause of  holding it for the purpose of "journalism, art or literature" and therefore exempt even though there is no such clause in the legislation.
Blogger Tony Newberry of Harmless Skies has attempted to get the names for 8 years without success but fellow blogger Maurizio Morabito of the omnologos blog  has finally met with success  and now we know who the names are and more importantly why they were attempting to hide this information. These "best scientific minds" were in fact not best at anything least of all science and included 25 environmentalist eco campaigners, a staffer from the US Embassy, students, someone from the Church of England, an insurance industry consultant, and even a representative from the CBI.Read the articles yourself and decide for yourself  if the BBC has lied to the world and then used taxpayers money to cover up the fact that the decision to lie was taken on the basis of a meeting with a few eco nutters and self interest groups.This could potentially be as big and as explosive as anything that has gone before .

BBC-we lie its what we do best.

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