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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Steven Messham-a violin or a plant.

The cockroaches whose job it is to make sure that senior members of the state dont have their dark secrets exposed to the light of public scrutiny and the true law of the country must be celebrating this morning.

It was looking pretty dodgy at one point after Jimmy Saviles death -rumours of high level paedophile rings across the country involving Ministers,Senior Politicians,Judges,senior Police officers  were spreading like wildfire threathening to bring down the whole corrupt perverted house of cards.

Steven Messham went public when he stated that he had been sexually abused by a politician in the 80s whilst he was at the Bryn Estyn children's home in Wales.Now I have no reason to doubt that Steven Messham was at Bryn Estyn  and during his time there he was sexually abused and in all probability he was abused by senior members of the "establishment" .
Unfortunately Stevens story was hijacked by the cockroaches and it became a story about Tory sleaze rather than a story that would have made the Belgium peadophile scandal look like a drop in the ocean.There is no way that the real story would be allowed to come out because that would expose senior members of the establishment including Prime Ministers and Ministers from all the main Political Parties for the last 40 years or so as being disgusting child abusing bastards as well as exposing others of the equally disgusting crime of turning a  blind eye .
Once the real  story was out whole swathes of (as they see themselves) the ruling elite would be implicated and events from the Dunblane shootings to  the Iraq invasion would have to be re assessed in the light that most of the Government were criminal perverts open to exposure and blackmail by any persons/organisation or Government across the planet.If we had true justice in this country they would have all been rounded up and put on trial where their fate would be put in the hands of the good men (and women) of a jury.

Unfortunately though this was never going to happen so a high level arse saving strategy was enacted to  prevent the wider story from getting traction in the minds of the public.

Steven Messham  made a huge error of judgement by getting the BBC involved in exposing his story perhaps not realising that the BBC is a fully paid up member of the establishment .Rather than the story being told exposing the filth at the heart of the establishment it became watered down to a senior member of the "Thatcher Government" .A whispering campaign started about who this individual was which deflected  attention from the real much more explosive story.Pushing the story about a "Senior Tory" was all the BBC was interested in and the fact that they didnt even check the story or show Steven a picture of the person they were going to "out" shows their motives which clearly doesnt involve exposing the truth but since when has this been within the remit of the BBC.

Now that the false Senior Tory story has been released from the bottle there is no putting it back in but the aim of discrediting Steven Messham  has been achieved .Law suits will be filed and a few minor BBC employees will be fired but the whole story has now been put to bed and will be forgotten about within a few weeks .The cockroaches have done their job.

Sadly Steven Messham has been played like a violin and now he has effectively been labelled in public as a liar the true story will never be told and those disgusting perverts will walk away untroubled (in this world) by their actions.Others with similar stories to tell will be tarred with the same brush thus preventing any other awkward allegations being made public..All it needs now to tidy up the loose ends is for the "False Abuse Accuser dies in a tragic accident" story to be enacted.

Another angle to this story is that Steven Messham is in fact in on the deal and in the pocket of the establishment.Its plausible especially when you consider that he was arrested for fraud in 2001 after stealing money from a charity set up to help victims of sexual abuse from Bryn Estyn.Strange that the BBC never checked up his background beforehand even though they reported on his arrest at the time.

In short Mr Messham  could have been naive and was therefore played like a violin or just a useful idiot plant -who knows but the fact is that the real stories of what went on and probably still goes on will never be told.


  1. Er steven was found not guilty. Ok?

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