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Friday, 23 November 2012

Sussex Police -change agent working in the grey territory

If you can bear to watch this video clip you will see why the Police in general and Sussex in particular are so useless at doing what they are supposed to be doing.Rather than protecting people from harm and loss and catching real crims they sit together to pontificate on change and leadership.At no time is catching criminals mentioned and there is absolutely no mention of protecting the public from criminals. In case you havnt got the time or patience to watch this rubbish I have a list of the crap common purpose style words and phrases that were trotted out throughout this video.

Leaders,leadership,change,change agent,edward de bono leadership,going forward,moving forward,powerbase,developing leaders,strategeic overview,cultural change,diversity,leadership awareness,partners,grey terrritory,values based organisation.

The Police have clearly turned into a change agent values based organisation with the strategic overview to drive change within the grey territory whilst going forward with powerbase diverse relationships.As you can see you can put together any of these words to come up with meaningless drivel so loved by people who see themslves as leaders for change within society.Alternatively we can describe it as talking bollocks. Sussex Police -Good at talking bollocks but useless at catching criminals. For those not familiar with Sussex Police-they shot someone dead who had a chairleg in a bag,arrested someone for wearing an anti-Bliar t shirt yet failed to act when allegations were made against Jimmy Savile 7 years ago.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The freedom hating fascist numbskulls at Sussex Police farce have pulled the video<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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