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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Riot Jokes.

WANTED: Remote control for a Toshiba 42RL434B HD LED 42? TV

Its all Bob Geldof's fault... If we didn't Feed The World back in the 80s, all those Africans would be dead by now.

Thousands of black men running around London beating whites, it can only be one thing... The London Marathon

I've just got in from work, put the BBC News on and there's hundreds of ethnics on the telly' should've shut the door behind me.

Dear Norway, can we borrow Anders Brevik for the night ? Yours sincerely, England.

So does this mean racism is legal now?

My mate's just got back from London, he said the weekend was a riot

Grange Hill School has a new curriculum... Reading, Rioting and Rithmatic

Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan have agreed to send troops to the UK to help bring stability and peace to the Country...

So which soap opera will we all watch tonight... Corrie, Eastenders, or BBC News 24 ?

How to stop the riots... Let the Polar Bears loose from London Zoo

The Met Police Force are planning to reduce the number of violent incidents tonight by disabling the transport network used by the rioters. They're cutting down all the trees.

Northern Ireland's Water Cannons have been suggested as the way to disperse the rioters. We know how shit scared the underclass are of washing, so it should work a treat.

Tottenham have just signed up a new Black Italian footballer... GRABATELLI

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