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Monday, 1 August 2011

UK Police Tells Public To Report Anti-Government Beliefs As Terrorism.(Update)

Article on Infowars about the Met encouraging public to report people who hold anti government views to them because they are ,in their eyes, potential terrorists.
This is on the same day that it was announced that Police forces are going to take  fingerprints of everyone they stop .

Very depressing to see us sliding further into a Police state but the consolation is that they must be really shit scared of us if they are resorting to stasi tactics in order to keep the cattle from revolting.


Captain Ranty has the details of the statement from the Met which explains it all as "badly worded".Nothing to see here move along.


  1. Good post Cap'n.

    I posted on it as well.

    It seems that merely to have an opinion different to that of this government makes one an anarchist.

    If so, then I am an anarchist.


  2. Report to

    Ian Mansfield
    Counter Terrorism Security Adviser
    Police Headquarters
    37 Wood Street
    London, EC2P 2NQ


    Telephone: 020 7601 2863

    NOW or else.


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