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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

ACPO Riots 2011.

Riots and looting kicking off across the country.Even Kent has not been immune with disturbances in the Medway towns.All Police leave has been cancelled across London and Police are being shipped in from various counties including Sussex to help the Metropolitan Police.Whilst the Police on the streets are trying their best to protect people and property there simply isnt enough officers to go round.This has got nothing to do with the "cuts" but a result of over a decade of the ACPO grades employing thousands of pen pushers,PCSOs and diversity co ordinators rather than trained peace officers.
Dont we just know that ACPO(Ltd Company) are going to be rubbing their hands over the riots because they will use it as a weapon against "the cuts" which in truth  havnt even started yet.We have the disgusting position whereby ACPO grades have degraded the frontline Policing to such a point that the coppers trying to quell the riots are an increasingly thin line which are being deprived of the tools to do the job .I am sure if the Commissioner got off his/her fat backside and saw what was going on first hand they would be beating down the door of the Home Secretary to demand water canon and tear gas.As it is though the senior acpo grades are sitting in their plush offices revelling in the political capital to be made out of riots so why should they want them snuffed out .The longer these riots go on for the more leverage ACPO will have over the Government for more money for themselves and their army of pen pushers.

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