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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Salt everywhere.

Salt is being mentioned everywhere and seems to be in the sights of the health nazis to ban next.Too much salt in bread,too much salt in takeaways etc etc-not a day goes past without a biased report coming out about how much salt there is in the foods we choose to eat.One report contained the obviously false statement that one takeaway had the equivalent of 60!!!! teaspoons of salt in it.Do they really expect us to believe this shite.
Most of this crap comes directly or indirectly from the fake charity Action on Salt (CASH) which is given lots of taxpayers in order to provide spurious statistics like 60 teaspoons of salt in a plate of food to justify banning salt.
Actually action on salt is only really interested in making lots of money for itself as well as promoting chemical alternatives to salt like LO Salt.
This extract comes out of their last years accounts

"Income for the year was £326,128 (2009: £251,378) and
expenditure was £77,522 (2009: £82,127).
The charity is holding £623,520 in reserves and a large proportion of this money is being set aside to absorb the increase in salaries, overheads and consumables ...."

So lets get this straight out of a quarter of a million they have only seen fit to spend less than a quarter of that amount.The rest they seem to be holding onto for themselves.Now if and its a big if salt was the killer its made out to be then dont you think Action on Salt would be spending every penny in order to inform the public.
Action on Salt a fake charity with the perfect acronym of cash because thats what they are making.Perhaps they should rename their organisation as Piss because that is what they are taking in spadefuls.


  1. I can go three maybe four days without salt, I then get an urge to consume salt, so I do, in other words, my body tells me when to eat salt not the fucking Government.

  2. Perhaos they have links to pharmaceutical companies if they're plugging chemical alternatives. Why else would they be wanting people to give up a natural substance and replace it with a chemical one?


  3. Salt is natural and essential for the body.
    As anon 1 stated if your body needs salt it will let you know.
    I have never known anyone need Lo Salt after working hard in hot weather .Its all just a cynical attempt to push potentially harmful chemical alternatives to salt because theres a quick buck to be made.


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