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Thursday, 15 September 2011

The end of the end.

We are approaching the endgame as far as the hated Euro and the even more
hated EU is concerned.
The pace of the crisis is increasing everyday and it is now seen as inevitable by everyone that Greece will default and trigger the breakup of the Eurozone followed shortly after by the EU itself.Even senior pro europeans are talking about an orderly winding up of the Euro project.
The signs are there-over the last few days we have had news that ..

Britain is planning for a post Euro Europe which will thankfully also be a post EU Europe.
Riots in Italy, Greece and Spain.
ECB buying its own debts now.
EU looking for financial aid from the BRIC countries (Brazil,Russia,India and China.
Germany had enough bailing out the PIGS.
French banks downgraded.
America telling the EU to get a grip on the crisis.

Mark my words the Eurozone countries are heading for a big fall which will have implications for us and the whole world.Economies contracting by 50% post Euro as the teet of EU money dries up.Worse case scenario for us is that our economy contracts by half that amount.There is going to be a lot of pain coming for all of us but no pain no gain and if the gain is the end of the EU and freedom for all Europeans to govern themselves as they see fit then the pain will be worthwhile.After years of "funny money" any adjustment is going to be pretty bad but we are talking about our childrens future here.In 10 years time we will look back at this time as a pivotal moment in our countries history .
We have now moved from the beginning of the end to the definite end of the end.

Be prepared -it could be a rough winter .

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