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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Dummies guide to the climate changing.

Firstly we need to establish what the climate is exactly.Contrary to what we have had rammed down our throat on a regular basis by warmists the climate is NOT the same as the global atmospheric system.
Looking for a definition of climate and you find " the typical weather conditions in a particular area". Climate therefore can be local or cover a wider area but it is NOT anything to do with the Earths atmospheric system.If someone was to say Los Angeles has a warm climate there would be no argument but to describe the whole Earth as having a particular climate is ridiculous because everyone knows that different parts of the planet have different weather systems influencing them and therefore have different climates.Knowing that climate is local and not global means that climate change across the whole globe is impossible.Every local area has an overiding climate which obviously fluctuates due to the intereaction of all the other local climates across the globe.You cannot view one area without taking into account what is happening in other areas.
These changes in temperature are the driving force behind our weather.Warm air rises which creates low pressure and cold air falls which produces high pressure and the difference between the two causes ground air in the form of winds to be forced from high pressure areas to low pressure areas.
Like a 3d puzzle weather and local climates do not operate on one level nor do they operate on their own.Low pressure (rising air) causes clouds due to the cooling the warm air undergoes when it rises.High pressure however is falling cooler air so less clouds will form in warming cooler air than in cooling warm air due to the difference in the amount of condensed water that warm and cool air can retain.
On the edges of high pressure and low pressure areas is the area that is most volatile and is what we call a weather front.Simples really if you think about it.

The weather in the UK is not formed over the UK.Depending on what direction the weather fronts are coming from and the time of the year dictates the weather we have in the UK. The other driver for weather is the difference between sea and land with the land heating and cooling much quicker than water adding in another variable for our weather.Weather can change over a very short period but an areas climate will only change over a very long period.To take Los Angeles as an example-its weather will change from day to day or hour to hour but the climate will always be warm and dry.A thunderstorm would not change the climate but it would change the weather.
From this I think you can see that the term Climate Change to describe changes in the Earths atmosphere over a short period of time is a misnomer.
Even if we were confident that global temperatures over the last 30 years was showing an slight upward trend (which incidently they dont)that would be meaningless
given the age of the Earth (approx 4.5 billion years old).Only a fool would try to establish a meaningful trend from 30 out of 4.5 thousand million years.Given that
the Earths atmospheric system is so complicated and chaotic only a fool would believe that the Earths atmospheric system is reacting to minute changes (parts per million) of its constituent gases.
Underpinning all the weather drivers is obviously the Sun because without the warming of the sun there would be no heat which would mean no weather and no life .
The Sun however is not a stable source of consistent heat radiation .The Sun has periods of high activity and periods of low activity for reasons we are not really sure about but we do know that these highs and lows can be predictable because they occur in a cyclical pattern and can be monitored from earth.
Common sense would tell us that when the sun is most active the global weather system would be most active purely by virtue of the increased solar energy being put into the atmosphere.Also more energy would reach the surface of the Earth especially at the Equator which would produce higher ground/sea temperatures making the global weather system more energetic and chaotic.Lower solar activity would produce less energy in our atmosphere and less heat reaching the ground /sea making the global weather system less energetic and less chaotic.
Those people that believe that a tiny increase in one minor constituent gas in the atmosphere can drive changes in global weather are ignoring the Elephant in the room that is the Sun and its cyclical activity.If they can ignore a star on our doorstep
then is it any surprise that the weather warmists have no credible explanation to their theory.The only "supporting evidence" they provide for weather warming are the
adulterated temperature datasets spat out by their own computer models which bear no resemblance to fact.The computer models are designed in such a way that whatever figures you put in (say the number of doughnuts eaten in the UK per day)it will always produce an upward temperature trend.The warmists are so insecure about their theory that they do not publish the raw data and instead rely on their computer model results which are warped to say the least.
The earth is an incredibly complicated system and no part of the system can be viewed in isolation.In fact you cannot start to understand the Earth system unless you understand the Earths place in the solar system.Life as we know it is only possible on this planet because the Earth is just the right distance from the Sun.
Any closer to the Sun and we would be toast and any further away we would be ice.
Believing that tiny quantities of C02 in the atmosphere have a huge effect on the global weather system but changes in the heat being put in the atmosphere through the cycles of the sun doesnt is pure madness and flies in the face of all scientific understanding.
I think the problem is that the warmist alarmists are not scientists.They may call themselves climate scientists but they are no more than computer modellers and system analysts.Trying to fit real science into the man made warming theory is like trying to squeeze a quart into a pint pot-it simply will no work.Science says that
you cannot squeeze a quart into a pint pot but the warmists would point out that their model says you can and a consensus among themsleves agrees so therefore you can get a quart into a pint pot.
While we are at it can we also put to bed the ridiculous phrases "greenhouse effect" and "greenhouse gases".Greenhouses magnify and trap the heat from the sun by reducing the cooling effect of convection which has no bearing or similarity to the Earths weather systems nor does glass (which is technically a liquid) have any common properties with C02.It would be fantastic if we could use C02 as a high efficient heat insulator but we cant because it isnt and even if it was i dont think it would be very effective in a ratio of a few parts per million.
Another ridiculous phrase that we hear regularly but means nothing is carbon free or carbon neutral.On earth all lifeforms are carbon based and although C02 obviously contains an element of carbon it also contains more oxygen atoms .C02 is no more carbon than water is oxygen.When you make a cup of tea you dont fill up the kettle with oxygen do you so why is C02 suddenly transformed into carbon which it clealy isnt.
The answer is that everything is simplified so those that dont know their arse from their elbow will be able to explain something that simply doesnt hold up to scientific scrutiny.Education has been dumbed down to such an extent that if Al Gore said that sticking your head down the toilet would help the poor ickle Polar Bears from extinction loads of people would have very wet and smelly hair.

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