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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Ello Wealdens got a lotta new motors.

I think you will agree that these pictures show nice premium model cars.Are they anything like the cars you have parked outside your house?.

Perhaps it will come as a surprise to know that these are the sort of brand new cars that you get to drive if you get a job with Wealden Council.

Wealden Council goes on and on about bollocky climate change and how we should all make sacrifices to ensure the future of our planet but hypocritically allows its staff to swan around in top of the range convertibles and people carriers paid for by us the taxpayers.

If you look through the monthly spend of Wealden Council there are loads of vehicle lease payments and only a small percentage actually specify the make and model of car concerned.I wonder what gems are to be found in the unspecified vehicle lease payments .I wonder what car Chief Dickhead Charles Lant drives around in at our expense on top of his £150,000 annual salary.

The excuse that crappy councils like Wealden always come out with is that they always need to pay the going rate for the job in order to get the best people.Well if all the councils reduced their salaries for Chief Clerks aka Executives to lets say £12000 a year that would be the going rate and would definitely be commensurate with their non existent abilities.

If they want to get around then travel by bus like they want everyone else to do.

Whilst looking through the spending I also noticed that we seem to be paying for a lot of yoga classes for some reason.

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