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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The strange story of the pigs and the pikeys.

My post about home defence has proved to be correct.Today we hear of a lady who was threatened with death by a bunch of pikeys who were trespassing on her land.The pikeys were told to fcuk off but the lady was so concerned about the threats made to her and her animals that she contacted the plod.

Plod finally turned up 35 minutes later and oh so predictably treated the lady as the felon and the pikeys as the victims.Here comes the best bit though...despite no firearms being involved the lady concerned had her legally held shotguns removed on the orders of the token black female Chief Super.The lady concerned was probably a bit naive in expecting the modern (we value diversity) filth to actually do anything but leaving her defenceless against the inbred pikeys is disgusting.Next to gayboys and lezzers ,pikeys are fast becoming a protected species who can do no wrong in the eyes of the bumboys in blue.

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