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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

FUBAR and the end.

Listen up people I am going to tell you about something that will change your life.

Conspiracy theories abound and most people (including me)dismiss most out of hand.
Unfortunately that means that we throw the baby out with the bathwater by discounting things that sound so outrageous that common sense says cant be true.

I have come to the conclusion that if we open our minds to the fact that perhaps there are people and organisations across the globe that do not have our best interests at heart we will suddenly realise that our very existence is at risk.

Take global warming/climate change as an example.We are constantly told by the eco fascists that our world is warming up because of the emissions of C02 by us the people of this planet.Most people have decided that this is complete rubbish and cannot understand how an inert gas could cause any change in climate given the tiny percentage it makes up in the atmosphere.Sensible minds point to the natural cycle of the sun causing changes to our climate over a set period of time.If man made global warming existed then the real temperatures measured(as opposed to computer modelled data sets) across the globe would be the highest in human history.We all know that the earth has gone through periods of warming and cooling over its history with no help at all from humans.Ice ages come and go and warmer periods come and go.
If you study the sun you realise that we are heading towards a period of very low solar activity which will have the knock on effect of a colder climate on Earth.
In short the evidence is pointing towards us heading towards a new mini ice age.Dont panic yet though because it isnt going to happen any time soon.What we should be more than a little worried about is what the eco fascist warmist believers have in store for us all here and now.Despite dodgy science and no evidence of warming the eco fascists are busy planning to geo engineeer our planet in order to cool the planet and save us all from the mythical warming.Unfortunately this is all going to end in the biggest fuck up of all time resulting in millions of people across the globe dying which arguably was the plan of the eco fascists all along.
These people are dangerous people who make no secret of the fact that the earths population needs to be culled and that food production needs to go from a mix of meat production and arable to a vegetarian nightmare scenario whereby the only food available is GM modified chemical laden arable crap produced by companies like Monsanto who are busily patenting GM modified crops of all sorts.
By the time the eco fascists have finished we will all be a place of nightmares where natural crops have been killed off by the actions and consequences of the eco fascists geo engineering of our planet and we all have to rely on a dwindling and increasingly more expensive supply of genetically altered food.
So I think we should all be pretty worried about the fact that the eco fascists are planning to turn down the planets thermostat just when we need it most.
Perhaps worrying about plans to increase cloud cover and spray chemicals into the atmosphere to increase the reflection of the suns energy away from the earth is a waste of time because no one in their right mind would allow such a thing to happen.That nice Mr Obama along with the leaders of the "free world" wouldnt allow a few eco fascist lunatics to poison the planet just to save us from a non existent threat of rising global temperatures would they.

My advice would be dont worry about the plans because the plans are not plans any more they are programs that have been going on for the last 7 years or so.

Once you have viewed the above clip then I would urge you all to view this video to illustrate what these lunatics are doing to us in the name of saving the planet.

As in all things dont take anyones word for it-look it up yourself.Google geo engineering and chemtrails should get you started but research it yourself and make up your own mind.

If you cant be bothered to do that just look up into the sky on the next clear day.Is the sky lovely and blue with white fluffy clouds or is the sky a silvery blue with milky white ribbons of contrails criss crossing the sky speading out to create a multicoloured pollution sunset of all the colours of the rainbow.If its the former you can come back and tell me I am talking rubbish but if its the latter then be very afraid for your future and the future of your children.If you really want to sleep well at night look up the link between aluminium and Alzheimers .To cheer you up even further look up the reduction of bee populations and ask yourself what could be causing it.

Having digested all that information and looked it up yourself then ask yourself again-no one would be crazy enough to approve spraying the air we breathe with toxic metals would they?

We are all truly fucked unless we all switch off the goggle box and look at what is going on in real life as opposed to the unreal world of east corries x factor has strictly no talent bollocks.

Wake up and look up.

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