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Friday, 11 February 2011

Listen up I have a plan.

If you were facing financial ruin wouldnt it make sense to do all you can to reduce your outgoings and increase your income.Basic business sense dictates that if you are in a financial hole stop digging fast and take action now to improve your situation.

Imagine not having enough money to buy food or pay the daily bills but still paying
lets say £100 a week to belong to a club that you visit rarely but who is always bombarding you with orders on how you must act in order to continue to be a member.
Not a day would go past without orders telling you that to remain a member you must dress in a certain way ,talk in a specific way in fact you must follow all their orders without question otherwise they would send the "boys" round to rough you up.

Any sensible person would pretty quickly realise that £100 per week could be better spent and you would be free to live your life as you see fit for your benefit.

Why then would we not tolerate this situation individually but are quite happy to go along with the EU club.We all whinge about the cost of everything and all the dictats from them but we never seem to take any positive action about leaving the club and stopping the direct debit.

Small internet retailers in this country are up in arms about Jersey being used as a distribution point by big businesses for goods of less than £18 pounds so they can be
exported back to the UK VAT free because Jersey and the other Channel Islands are not EU members.Rather than blaming Jersey etc for not ,as they see it,operating fairly they should perhaps lookm a bit closer to home.Why cant the people of this country see the obvious that if we came out of the EU today not only would we be saving the billions that we pay to be members of this club but instantly everything would be 20% cheaper.Even goods that are zero rated for VAT would be cheaper because
throughout the supply line businesses would be concentrating on making money for themselves rather than acting as unpaid tax collectors for the EU.

So rather than moaning about the price of everything we should all be a bit more vocal about leaving the EU altogether so we can be free of their restrictive taxes and more importantly just more free to decide our own fate.For generations Britain has been a proud rich nation that depended on free trade to make our way in the world.Is it any coincidence that since we were conned into joining the EU we have been losing our wealth and our ability to create wealth through free trade.A consequence of this is that we have also lost our influence for good in the world.

Dont let anyone tell you that it is impossible to leave the EU because thats just bullshit.All we neede to do is stand up and say we no longer want to be a member and stop the direct debit.If we as a nation did this one simple thing we as a country would have more respect in the wider world and be on the road to being a global player in trade once more.We have it in us but for some reason our ambition and pride have been stifled -perhaps something is being put in our food. We are the same nation that became the first global superpower whereby the sun never set on the British Empire.Despite being flooded by immigrants we are basically the same people with the same values as those that created the greatest empire the world has ever seen.Every journey starts with just one step so when it comes to electiopns always vote for the pro freedom anto EU parties.Ignore the big three and use your vote wisely because sadly that is the only way we are going to get out of this mess.We may have our back to the wall but isnt that when the British are at their best.
Stand up and be counted becaue we are a nation of Lions not a nation of mice.

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