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Friday, 14 May 2010

East Sussex County Council.

If you work for East Sussex County Council in one of those useless non jobs you had better listen carefully.That distant rustling noise you can hear will be get louder over the coming months.The noise will become almost unbearable like the distant drums on Zulu Dawn.

You will come into work one day in the not to distant future looking forward to a day full of doing nothing other than co ordinating filling in your expenses claim whilst reading all that important diversity equality partnership bullshit .Your desk will look like any other day but your non sexist free trade cafe latte is not waiting for you as usual.In its place is a liitle brown envelope addressed to you in a non sexist or homophobic way.You rip it open with the excitement of a young non specific gender person on Winterval morning.Perhaps you have got a pay increase again or perhaps you have been selected to attend a Common Turdpose traing course
on diversity and equality in neighbourhood community partnerships that you have been looking forward to attending . You read the letter "Dear Unspecific gender lesbo diversity worker your sacked you useless pile of non specific shit.Because the Labour party has raped the countries finances for the last decade we can no longer
afford the luxury of a diversity equality coordinator outreach wanker.
In short fuck off and get a proper job.

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  1. Dont forget Wealden-they are absolutely rubbish.Everything they touch turns to crap and trying to get an apology out of them is like getting blood from a stone.I am not sure whether the staff are deliberately obstructive or they are just thick as shit .


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