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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Crowborough Town Council.

CTC has been looking for a weak minded individual to fill the vacant post of Town Clerk.

Their ideal candidate would be an easily pliable person who can turn a visually impaired eye to all the dodgy dealings that go on within the confines of the town hall.Unfortunately for the council the interviewed candidates were not prepared to be the gimp at the beck and call of their elected and unelected masters and were therefore not considered suitable.
The Town council are still looking for that elusive candidate that will not upset their apple cart.

Seeing the application from the point of view of a job applicant I can safely say that the Town Council are as good at recruiting staff as they are at saving the council taxpayers money.

So the search continues for a windowlicker who manages to maintain basic bodily functions but has limited mental capacity.Its a shame the councillors cannot apply for the job because they all fit the bill perfectly.Failing that the character pictured above seems ideal.


  1. So this blog (which I have to say I have enjoyed) claims to be "A blog for the residents of Crowborough to express their views about the town and country at large." but has only 2 followers (one of whom is called RantinRab ?!?) - is there not a better way to get this out there, it seems a lot of wasted talent if it isn't more widely read - letter to the paper or something?

  2. Thanks for your comments.The stats show that we do have many readers but people seem reluctant to comment.
    If you wish to send a letter to the paper mentioning us then feel free .The local papers dont seem to like us very much (cant think why)
    and refuse to publish anything although we do comment on the online version of the courier under an alias.
    If you want to write an article and submit it for publishing then send me a private email
    on .

  3. OOps nearly forgot to mention that we do have a sister site at


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