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Thursday, 6 May 2010

East Sussex County Council.

I have had the misfortune to have numerous contacts with East Sussex County Council over the last few years.

It is interesting to note that on the whole the junior staff are polite and sympathetic but are not given any freedom to act beyond their rules which they seem to change to suit them.
The more senior staff right up to the level of heads/knobs of Department are however crap.They harp on about customer service without realising that we are not customers because we have no choice in public sector providers.
If you actually get to speak to these "senior" people it is obvious that they are ignorant of the fact that they are there to provide a service to you as a member of the public.
They are quite happy to talk to you providing you dont actually ask any tricky questions.They are even more happy if you dont say anything and let them gabble out their usual PC crap.Start asking them tricky questions and they cant cope.
They all seem to think they are more important than they actually are and they seem to have the impression that we the public are the servants and they are the masters.
Present them with the true state of play that they are actually the servants and we are the masters and they start to wobble because they have been brainwashed to the contrary.
Soon though we will have the last laugh because Greek style austerity measures are coming to a council near you regardless of whoever gets to form the next government.
We will all fall about laughing when these public sector morons are detached from the public teat with no prospect of getting another bullshit public funded job this side of the next ice age.
So to all those public sector leaders-enjoy it while you can because we all know the public finances are fucked and they are going to be the ones losing their jobs and pensions.You had better start being nice to people like me because some of you will be grovelling at my door no doubt wanting a job.
I have already formulated my policy of employing ex public sector drones so I am fully prepared.
My policy consists of stringing them along for a bit and then telling them to fuck off.If they protest I can say sorry "its the rules" and "close the door on the way out".

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