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Monday, 17 May 2010

+++Breaking News+++ Sussex Police farce are still useless

With the Inspector of Constabularies comment that Sussex Police are useless at solving crimes ringing in their ears you would think they would be making a special effort to regain the trust of the Public .Not so unfortunately.
Today seems to be sit on the side of the road and eat doughnuts whilst waiting for the ANPR system to "ping" day. At Boarshead there was 1 nice new jam sandwich BMW(buy British why dont you) estate parked illegally in the bus stop with PC and WPC Doughnut standing in the middle of the road!!whilst at Crowborough Cross there was another new BMW estate with one PC doughnut in it also parked illegally in the bus stop.Good work guys you make us proud that you are so busy keeping us safe from being a victim of crime whilst at the same time keeping the local doughnut shop in business.

This is lazy Policing and has no effect on real criminal behaviour,its just purely revenue chasing.The accepted view within Sussex Police Farce seems to be why bother locking crims up when we can spend our time more productively raising money for ACPO (private company) by levying fines.

Sussex Police new motto -We are useless and we dont care.

Q Whats the difference between East Sussex Police Farce and a bucket of shite?

A The Bucket.

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  1. 3 Police BMW estates from the Police Harrassment Unit parked and blocking the exit to the layby at the top of the hill before Eridge station 10.30 am today.Occupants of said cars gathered round the snack bar scoffing grub like greedy piggies at feeding time.


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