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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Think Freedom.

Are there any politicos out there that actually undertsand the rightful relationship ,in a supposed free democracy  between them as public servants and the public who they are supposed to serve.
From  Cameron and Clegg to councillors at the local level they all behave as if they have a right to pursue any course of action no matter how unpopular on the basis that a few people put a cross on a piece of paper every few years.
They all need to realise that a vote is no more than a vote to be a representative of the people.Clearly this hasnt sunk in with politicians because they seem to view themselves as being special with an unquestioning entitlement to swan around doing the bidding of their political masters rather than the bidding of the people . A truly representative system would have prevented us ever joining the EU because the British people never wanted it but were conned by kiddy fiddler traitor Heath into "its just a common market"This was viewed by the political classes across the spectrum  as cart blanche to give this country away to the German/French axis of evil.
Single sex marriages,open door immigration,climate change bollocks,human rights are just a handful of subjects that would never have developed beyond the minds of some lunatic lefty had the peoples views and opininions been represented by the politicos.Most people want to be left alone in a safe and peaceful country free to strive and provide for their family as they see fit.The majority of people have no interest in shirt lifters getting married and certainly never gave anyone the mandate to turn a country that was doing pretty well for itself in the 60s into the multicultural third world shithole it is fast becoming.

Freedom is not living under a system of government whose main agenda is the control of the minds and bodies of the population.We are the masters of our own destiny-if we as a majority want out of the EU then that is what should happen with no arguments from greasy politicians.Once the people have spoken the political classes only job is to enact that will as quickly and efficiently as posssible regardless of their own warped socialist ideology of big governemnt ruling over little people.
How much better would we all be if the country was run as a true bottom up democracy rather than the top down up the bottom sham democracy we have today.If the political scum that have ruined our lives over the last 50 years  were kicked out and replaced by true representatives of the will of the people of these lands then we would be on the road to a truly free democratic system of government that benefits the people rather than a self appointed elite.

It needs to be appreciated that politicians , judges etc are not special people(special needs maybe) just people like you and me given a position that involves serving us .There are people much more intelligent than the losers and senile old duffers that reside in the halls of power and the courts and there are certainly millions of people with more common sense.

With a free democratic system in place we could then also replace the farce that is the judicial system into something that genuinely protects the majority from loss or harm caused by the minority , something that the "law" as it is today has never managed.
Even at a local level this attitude prevails with councillors thinking that we are just here to let them dip into our pockets when they see fit and just be good little drones working hard to pay off their debts rather than provide for our own.

To achieve a low tax small state free representative democracy with common law at its heart is not impossible .Unfortunately there would be no place for the current bunch of politicos and their allies and hangers on but hey who cares -they have never cared about us so why should we worry about them.

Freedom starts with a state of mind -once you realise you are equal to anyone else in this world regardless of their name badges showing king, queen,judge,prime minister,councillor then you are well on the way to achieving freedom of mind.Everything becomes that much clearer when you appreciate this-it also makes life a whole lot more fun when you talk to people who think they are above you in the same manner you would your neighbour.Public servants crave your respect and obedience-give them neither whilst remaining polite and they will have nothing because without your informed consent they  are nothing.

Think freedom.

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