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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Dijsselbloem-mad,bad or just a lowlife criminal.

Wanted for theft and country raping.

One of the thiefs that are stealing money from Cypriots on behalf of his criminal organisation employer thinks its generally a good idea and will be coming for you and your money soon.

Let him know what you think of that on twitter

Just because they wear a suit doesnt mean they are any better than any other lowlife crim scumbag.

The spin seems to be that anyone who has more than 100,000 mickey mouse euros in the bank is a criminal indulging in money laundering and deserves to lose it .Strangely this state of affairs didnt prevent Cyprus being accepted with open arms into the Euro by the real criminal money launderers
in the EUssr.It seems to be that EUssr (criminal organisation) wanted its cut of the alleged ill gotten gains of a few by stealing from the many.

Get your money out of any Eurozone banks NOW-tomorrow  may be too late.

This could all get very ugly very quickly.

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