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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Committee of 300 -conspiracy or conspiracy theory?

Is a group of 300 people who view themselves as the world elite responsible for all that is happening in the world today.Global warming,banking crisis,energy crisis,population crisis,famine, foreign wars etc etc-could these all be part of their big plan. Look up "Committee of 300" and make up your own mind whether this could be real or just another " conspiracy theory".
Before consigning it all to the tin foil hat brigade just consider that if this had even an element of truth about it would the 300 or whoever just put up their hands and say "yep your right were busted" -I think not.

To help you in your search for "enlightenment" here is a list of the alleged 300.

Then listen to the you tube clips here from Alex Jones(not the welsh bird on the telly) speaking to Dr John Coleman about this very subject.

Here are a couple of things you may find interesting.

In the Committee of 300, which has a 150-year history, we have some of the most brilliant intellects assembled to form a completely totalitarian, absolutely controlled "new" society only it isn't new, having drawn most of its ideas from the Clubs of Cultus Diabolicus. It strives toward a One World Government rather well described by one of its late members, H. G. Wells, in his work commissioned by the Committee which Wells boldly called: "The Open Conspiracy: Blue Prints for a World Revolution

"Three hundred men, all of whom know one another, direct the economic destiny of Europe and choose their successors from among themselves." --Walter Rathenau, 1909.

Conspiracy or conspiracy theory?

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