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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Guns n Rozzers.

Have you noticed the number of stories circulating relating to guns and gun ownership.Not a week goes by without a story or 2 appearing about guns.Currently there is the scandal of a gun owner being arrested and kept in custody for defending his family and property using a legally held shotgun.
The fact that this man was on his own property defending it from crims intent on nicking anything and everything seems to have passed the rossers by  who seemed more intent on arresting the householder rather than  the scumbags who collected a few bits of shot whilst commiting a criminal act .
In America by contrast an elderly gentleman shot a raider stone dead with a rifle on his ranch in Kentucky without even so much as a raised eyebrow from the local Police.In most states you can use deadly force to defend your home and property but over here if you dont welcome the crims with open arms and an open invitation to take all your property you will face the law coming down on you like a ton of bricks.Even dare to put up a bit of resistance using any object close at hand as a weapon and you will be facing jail time whilst the thieving scumbags end up getting a slap on the wrist.
Looking through the twitter feed of the local fuzz helicopter unit and you see that it was scrambled
twice over the last week or so because of gun incidents.These incidents were not armed robberies or gun rampages but this didnt stop the flying pigs getting involved when someone heard gunshots on private land which turned out to be a legitimate rabbit shoot or responding to a report of loud bangs thought to be shots(again on private land) which the Police considered to be the action of poachers.
The narrative seems to be that gun owners are a threat and if you (lawfully) use your gun for anything you face the Police turning up mob handed with the threat of having your certificate revoked and your guns stolen from you.I believe that there is an active campaign against legally held firearms with the aim of finding any excuse to remove them (steal them) from the legal owners .
To me this would seem to be preparation for some sort of action against the people when the shtf so that no one is capable of defending themselves when the state stormtroopers arrive on your doorstep.
I know several gun owners  and many are commenting on this noticable anti gun agenda coming from the Police and the bought msm of late.Many are reluctant to clean their legally held guns in their back garden for fear of someone reporting them to the Police or being spotted by the police helicopter (soon to be replaced by drones) which seems to spend a lot of time buzzing around the county spying into people gardens and back yards .Get spotted cleaning a shotgun or a rifle and you are likely to have an armed response stormtrooper unit on your property and in your face within minutes.Before you know it your guns have been stolen and you  face being stitched up for holding an illegal firearm.The fact that you have a licence to own a gun means nothing -if the Police say your gun is illegal thats the end of it your in the shit factor 10.Once your gun gets confiscated for examination its easy for plod to get an expert to say that your shotgun has a rifled barrel  or solid slug ammunition had been fired in it even though you know it had a smooth barrel when it left you and you have never owned solid slug ammo.Protest all you want but you will be facing jail time and you will never be able to own a firearm legally ever again.
Gun owners watch out they are coming for you .

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