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Monday, 10 September 2012

Annecy shooting-Bomb disposal called to Claygate home.

The bomb squad have left the home of the British family shot dead in the French Alps after they were called in when police discovered 'concerning' items.

This gets more and more interesting.The authorities from day one have been trying to spin the story of a feud between family members  which resulted in the shooting but I dont buy that for one moment.
Put simply this was a professional job executed by two people using automatic handguns so the chances of a family member being able to arrange this hit in a foreign country at short notice using trained killers is just not credible given that you cant just rock up to assassins R us and order your hit.
The family were Iraqis yet the father seems to have managed to land a job with a satellite manufacturer in Guildford despite,it appears, having been of interest to special branch for years.

Questions abound but most concerning is the fact that a foreign national from a hostile country can get a job with a defence sensitive company that not only manufactures satellites but also provides
the launch capability to get them into orbit.It would be like in the second world war giving a German with nazi sympathies a job in a factory manufacturing  spitfires.

Next question would have to be where did this chap get all his money from as he seems to have been doing quite well for himself given that he worked as an Engineer.I dont know any employed engineers that could afford a huge house in Claygate let alone houses (allegedly)in France and Switzerland.We now have the situation where obviously something potentially explosive has been found in the back garden shed which warrants not just the Fire Service but also Army bomb disposal to attend.Now we all know just how useless the Police are and would panic if they found a box of caps but we must assume something quite sinister was found to justify the Army turning up.

Speculation has been rife that this was a security service hit arranged by a Middle East country that would be interested in preventing rocket technology and advanced satellite technology falling into the hands of another Middle East Country.The answer is no one knows and the truth is we are not going to know because the British and French government are not going to tell us.There will be a Police investigation but nothing will come of it and it will all be quietly forgotten about.I am sure the British and French security services already know who did it but they are not about to let on that foreign assassins can enter Europe to plan and execute a mission like this and then just disappear into the ether never to be seen again.
Tragic as this incident is for the children concerned on the balance of probabilities and with the information available at this time I would say that Mr Al Hilli was probably playing with fire and got
burned .The mission was certainly a professional job and maybe just maybe prevented some mad mullah in the middle east getting the capability of launching something beyond their borders.Who knows but what I do know is that whatever the Police/Press try to feed us will not be anywhere approaching the truth.One thing for certain is that it was definitely not an MI6 or French Security operation because they would have used the "boston brakes" car crash technique to bump them off which has worked for them and other western european security services for many years.
This was less subtle but equally effective and sends a message that is hard to ignore.

Definitely more to come on this story.


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    1. I would say yes.Interestingly Al Hilli ran a business called SHTech which although active seems to be a shell company.Who do we know who was an Iraqi with initials
      The official story has more holes in it than swiss cheese .An Iraqi asylum seeker since the 70s-but didnt become a British citizen until 2001 when he met his wife
      in Sweden yet lives in a million pound house with other properties in France,Iraq and Switzerland-something not quite right there.


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