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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Energy crisis solved overnight

I have solved the energy problems of this country .Whether you are a greenie or a realist I have the solution for you.

Step 1-Survey the whole country to find those people who want their power generated without any carbon dioxides being released into the atmosphere.

Step 2-Offer completely green electricity that is generated with almost zero carbon footprint to those people with no price premium.

Step 3-Install a domestic wind turbine on or near every home of people who want free green power to satisfy even the most mentalist environmentalist.Loads of green jobs created as a secondary benefit.

Step 4-Charge a standard tariff charge for this green zero carbon power to cover the cost of installation and maintenance.

Step 5-Disconnect those people with their own green energy supply from the
disgustingly dirty polluting national grid so they can live on lovely clean non polluting energy.

Step 6-Whilst the greenies are enjoying their free clean energy when it is available the rest of us will be enjoying the power coming from the national grid.

Step 7-Blow up all the windfarms in the country.

Result-we get a more reliable power source and the greenies get to live their dream of a zero carbon lifestyle.The only drawback for the greenies is that no wind no power but hey we all have to make sacrifices for the greater good dont we.
The added benefit will be that the green fuckers will not have enough power to run a computer so we wont have to hear any more of their hypocritical ecofascist whining online.

Trouser a huge consultancy fee and collect a gong or two and its job done sorted.

Next how to solve the crisis in the NHS by injecting carcinogenic compounds into half the population on the pretence of vaccination so they all die but not before the drug companies have made a mint out of them for their vaccinations and their cancer "treatment".

This is easy-I feel I am on a roll now.


  1. Captain

    I reckon you are on a roll, put yourself forward for the Prime monsters job and you get my vote.

    What about 'giving' all those Greenies electric cars, they can charge them up at home for free. The rest of us would just have to put up with smelly, polluting petrol/diesel cars.

  2. I reckon that you have it sussed, as NBC says, you should run for parliament or maybe run from it!

  3. To quote Marx (Groucho) I would never join any club that would accept me as a member but thanks for the votes anyway.

  4. There was me thinking you were Dave Neeves!

  5. What the local socialist /communist candidate -If I was I would have topped myself by now.


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