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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Who are the terrorists now?

Julian Assange WILL be extradited even if Ecuador grant him political asylum, says Foreign Office as scuffles break out between protesters and the police.

It looks like the government is planning to storm the Ecuador embassy to snatch Julian Assange and spark an international incident.When I say the Government they will expect the Police to do their dirty work for them .If the order is given -the Police should refuse because the order would be a breach of international law.Have the Police got the guts to stand up to the government or will they act illegally and face prosecution for doing so.Interesting conundrum.

Today we are all Ecuadorians.What an utter disgraceful shower of shite our Government are but at least we now know where they stand on freedom of speech and international law.The government and more than likely the police have chosen the dark side against freedom of speech and the rule of law.This is not going to turn out well whatever happens but at least the people of this country now knows who the enemy is and it isnt Alki Aida its our very own government and their state enforcers in the Police.

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