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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Climate wars go Hot.

Mad Kari Norgaard stated at a recent meeting of climate looney tunes in London that if you dont believe in man made global warming you are mentally ill and she wants you"treated" for this affliction.
Such views are common place in the extreme wing (is there any other) of climate warmist  groups.

Most people who want to do harm to others can be classified as mad,bad or sad.Clearly Kari Norgaard falls into one of these groups but I am not sure whether she is truly mad or bad.Like the playground bully who makes up for their shortcomings by taking out on others they disagree with Kari obviously has issues around her self image (I could be cruel and say I am not surprised) in that she has to project this Stalinist ideal of re education for those that dont agree with her views.

We are now entering the next phase of the AGW battle for your mind and your cash.The  AGW theory has crashed and burned over the last couple of years in that realists have gained the upper hand by highlighting the lack of science  behind the theory.The alarmists know the game is up(and the funding) and are resorting to the age old tactic of portraying their opponents as insane and inhuman for having the bared faced cheek to not agree with true eco fascists like Norgaard.Well all I can say to Norgaard is "come and get us if you think your hard enough".

Realists have won the battle but the alarmists believe they can still win the war by eliminating their opponents in a climate war "final solution" action.

Climate wars has definitely gone hot.

This is the woman we are talking about - mad or bad?

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  1. By the looks of her, both. And then some.


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