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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Typhoon fighters scrambled.

"A loud bang heard across a large part of England was from a sonic boom caused by a Typhoon jet, the Ministry of Defence has confirmed.
Police and fire services in the West Midlands were inundated with phone calls shortly after 6pm from concerned members of the public.
Many people on Twitter and other social networking sites confirmed they had also heard the noise, some as far as Swindon and Oxfordshire.
A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence confirmed the bang was caused by a Typhoon fighter aircraft.
The plane was one of two Typhoons that had been launched following an emergency call from a helicopter."

There is definitely more to this story than meets the eye.

Are we to believe that 2 Typhoons were scrambled from RAF Coningsby and saw the need to go supersonic to intercept a helicopter broadcasting on the wrong frequency.

If the sonic boom was heard from Coventry to Swindon and we know the rapid reaction Typhoon interceptors are based in Lincolnshire we must assume that a serious and credible threat to our air defence was identified somewhere in the general South West. There is no way that two fighters would have been scrambled because of a helicopter broadcasting an emergency signal.
If an helicopter was in trouble then rescue helicopters would have been scrambled not supersonic interceptors and they would have been sent from a nearer location than Lincolnshire.The fact that the planes were travelling at supersonic speed across the country means they were in a hurry to intercept something that was travelling at speed towards the South West which must have been picked up on radar. The fact that the MOD has come up with such a ridiculous explanation is even more proof that something has been covered up here.What could it have been though that provoked this response?
Does anyone have any theories or inside knowledge?


  1. Were there 2 fighters? Would there be 2 sonic booms? or would one cancel the other out?

  2. Strangely earlier in the day around 2-00 pm we saw and heard a lone Typhoon flying over Holker Hall nr Cartmel. It turned and headed out towards Ireland and 'opened the taps'.
    Practising for coming 'dash to intercept a helicopter?

    As you say more to this than meets the eye. The helicopter 'explanation' is a joke.

  3. You know, I agree with a lot of your posts, but you're not quite on the money here. I'm a pilot, so I can explain what happened. Every aircraft that appears on radar somewhere uses a transponder to identify itself to the controller. These devices send a 4 digit signal, or 'squawk'. There are a few special codes that are used in emergencies (look on Wikipedia for all of them) but one is 7700 - hijack code. When a transponder sends that code, all the ATC screens kick off and all hell breaks loose. What is likely is that the heli pilot didn't turn his transponder to standby when he dialed in a code, and inadvertently skipped across 7700. In typical paranoid fashion, the security services and MoD sent a full and complete response, rather than checking it wasn't a mishap by radioing the pilot first. Hence the interceptors - I think probably in prep for the whole Jubilympic lockdown crap. Hope that helps!


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