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Monday, 10 October 2011

Just say NO.

If you had asked anyone 15 years ago whether we lived in a free society most people including myself would have said yes.
At that time everyone did exactly what they were told,questioned nothing and when told to jump by the powers that be  just wanted to know how high that would be.To suggest that perhaps what we perceived as freedom was nothing more than a game whereby we were the worthless pawns to be manipulated and sacrificed by others was akin to suggesting that the earth was flat and the moon made of cheddar.

Being an awkward sod at the best of times I have always been a why man rather than a yes man.If I was told that I couldnt do something or say something I would always say why .

Fast forward 15 years and the general attitude has changed .Many people now understand that we are just characters in the great game of life but more importantly are aware that we can change the character we play in life and a few brave individuals have even opted to not play the game any more.

Although I have not yet gone down the full freeman route I have changed from a why man to a no man.Saying no is so easy and so liberating on a personal level but oh so confusing for those state drones that cannot comprehend someone who just says no .
Read Captain Ranty to get some idea  how powerful the simple act of refusing to play by their rules can be even if dealing with the states statute enforcement squad.

So if you want to be truly free just say NO and work towards throwing the game of life out of your life forever.


  1. Thanks for the link Cap'n.

    Before your readers head over to read the piece, I wanted to say two things:

    1. Whilst my speeding "offence" may look like deliberate provocation on my part, it isn't. Although I am pleased (so far) with the outcome, because...

    2. It gives me the opportunity to have my day in court. Lawful Rebellion needs testing in court. I am going to do my best (if I ever get there) to prove that lawful rebellion is....lawful. (The old adage applies: it doesn't matter what I know, only what I can prove).

    Updates will be posted as and when they happen.


  2. Nice one CR-I look forward to hearing updates from you.


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