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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

EU membership-Our Way or the Highway.

How committed are the 81 conservative rebels who voted against the whip last night I wonder.They have it in their power to deliver a body blow to the euronazis in the 3 pro EU parties which would also result in a the electorate having a say on this matter in the form of the much wanted and needed referendum.
The solution is simple-if these MPs want to give us a referendum then all they need to do is resign and bring down the government thus bringing on a referendum in the form of a general election.The 81 can join UKIP on the out of europe side leaving the 2 main parties (the lib dems are finished whatever happens) having to fight an election pledging to ignore the democratic will of the people and stay in Europe under the current terms.
With Labour and the Conservatives leaders showing their yellowish  true colours and the Lib Dems proving themselves a busted flush the only option at the next election is to vote UKIP regardless of your political leaning.One thing is for certain and that is we will have our say on this matter whether it is a referendum or a general election.Cameron,Milliband and Clegg need to know that they cannot choose when democracy applies and when it doesnt .We the electorate vote for people to represent us in Parliament and it has to be understood that when over 50% of the people want our relationship with the EU changed it is either our way or the highway.
There is talk of another e petition being set up to get another vote but sadly that is never going to work.The only democratic solution is for the 81 to resign and trigger an election.There are other options which involve undemocratic means but given that we appear to no longer living in a democracy then the option of civil unrest must be firmly on the cards .If its good enough for the Libyans then why not us.

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