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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Demos wants to stifle free thought.

Picked this up from Infowars.

Does anyone else find this report a bit strange. Demos wants youngsters to think critically about what they discover on the web but not to think critically about what they are being taught/brainwashed by the establishment.Pot, kettle, black or just panic in the face of a widespread awakening among the plebs as to how society really works.If its the latter as I suspect then we have really got them on the run.

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  1. Definitely panic. The thing is, the young people they are targeting WILL start thinking critically about what the establishment tells them. I remember a lecturer at Uni telling us to 'question everything' - obviously meaning the 'right wing' press. I was a pretty hard core lefty at the time but that adage stayed with me, which is why I'm no longer a lefty!


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