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Sunday, 6 September 2009

My answer to climate change.

Starting a new business venture which I hope will be a big success.I was discussing with my young son what car we should get if the money starts coming in as planned.
After a bit of thinking it was decided that we would get the above car simply because it has a huge fuck off V8 with the carbon footprint of who gives a shit.We concluded that any car that pisses of all the climate change nutters has got to be the car for us.So if you are in East Sussex and you see a car like the one above it will be me doing my best to prevent the next ice age.


  1. lets hope you kill your self in it , fucking idiot.

  2. More chance of getting killed in those shitheap pieces of crap green machines like the Toyota Pious.It really pisses off the lentil munchers that a Pious at motorway speeds uses more fuel than a BMW M3!.
    The good thing is that the VXR pumps out lots of lovely C02 which helps the plants grow nice and green and pisses off the environazis at the same time.Wave if you see me when I pass you at the bus stop.

  3. you wont be passing me you cock , an unemployed scrounging chav arse hole like you cant afford to run a car.
    if you like though i can lend you mine to kill your self in?

  4. What they give you access to cars in secure units do they?
    For someone who doesnt like it here you are spending quite a lot of time being here.

    When you have grown up in a few years feel free to come back but in the meantime I will keep all your comments to show everyone the true definition of a retard.


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