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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Im feeling intolerant today.

I used to be reasonably tolerant of peoples views and opinions up to a point.As I have reached middle age I am getting more and more intolerant of cunts that think their opinions and world view are the only ones that count and if you dont agree with them then you must be racist,homophobic etc etc.Socialists/communists/marxists are always ready to label people that do not conform with their PC mindset.Im not really sure what these halfwit twats think it will achieve.I hate these twats but it does not bother me if they call me any of these names because it just proves that they have no argument to present to back up their weird views .
The same thing applies to global warming/climate change which I happen to think is a total load of bollocks thought up by idiots to justify taking even more of our hard earned money from us.I have never met anyone in real life that believes this bunkum but people post anon posts telling me I am a heretic because I dont believe .

Obviously everyone is entitled to their opinion but the thought that by insulting me it will make any difference to my beliefs shows them up for the retards they surely are.

For example.

In response to a post I get some cunt posting this in reply.

Anonymous 212.139.123 said
your a fucking bnp pedo arnt you , dirty fucking child rapist.

24 September 2009 19:14

Well in reply to that Mr Anon I will say this.I respect your views and your right to free speech but if I ever come across you face to face I will ram a dictionary down your throat with the aid of a baseball bat (no offence like).


  1. ooooh , you really are a big man , i bet you are too fat to ram anything other than your own cock down anything other than some poor ..........

  2. At least your spelling has improved-did you get your support worker to help you with the tricky words.Perhaps now you could concentrate on your
    grammar and who knows you may be able to communicate in English like a normal human being.
    On second thoughts probably not.


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