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Friday, 22 June 2012

Nimrod ASW aircraft scrapped with Russian submarines off our coast.

What the fuck is going on at the MOD.With Russian nuclear submarines off our coast and countries like Iran developing a long range submarine capability we need all the anti submarine hardware we can get.
So what are the idiots in Ministry of Dunces doing-well they have decided that we dont need  Nimrod maritime patrol aircraft and the whole fleet is going the way of the Harriers and the Nimrod (spy plane)surveillance variants.
The Nimrod may appear outdated but it is still the best long range anti submarine  aircraft in the world bar none.Our armed forces are being reduced to such a level that some of our capability is being lost completely presumably as part of a grand plan to integrate us into an EU military force.Britain has always in the past had the capability to deal with any defence threat without any help from anyone but sadly that is not the case any longer.With idiots in government and in the MOD that know the cost of everything but the worth of nothing we are digging a big hole for ourselves which we will not be able to get out of unless action is taken now to stop and reverse the reduction of our defence capability.
When Iran or a multitude of other potential enemy states parks a submerged big fuck off submarine off the coast somewhere what are we going to do exactly, ask the French nicely if they would mind sending one of their maritime patrol craft out to find it.
We will be talking loudly and carrying a broken stick in the very near future when what we should be doing is talking softly but carrying a big stick.

I should perhaps explain that this an old story from my draft file that I resurrected and changed slightly given the news that Iran are developing a submarine for long range operations.There are no Russian subs off our coast as far as I know today but without any asw aircraft who knows.

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