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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Where is the global warming then?

Average highest temperatures in July from 1934 to 2011 at Manston Airfield Kent.

In my capacity as a climate scientist given that I have more science qualifications than many that purport to be experts in the field have but in reality are just low level statisticians or even lower level economists I have decided to do a bit of research into the field of global warming .
Using the Met Offices own figures for Manston from 1934 to 2011 (1953 -1963 data missing) I have plotted the figures on a graph to see if there are any upward trends as there should be if global warming  is a fact rather than a lucrative  theory.
My method is that I have picked July average temperatures because July is normally the hottest month of the year and if the theory holds true the average temperature over the hottest month should show some increase over 67 years of data given that there will be more days hotter than in previous years which will increase the trend of averages over the period.Manston was my location of choice because I know the area and it has been an airfield for years which needed accurate and reliable met information and that gives me confidence in the readings.
This is just raw data and there has been no fiddling around with it to make it say one thing or another-it is just what it says a  chart of average max temperatures in July for the years stated.
Unfortunately for the warmist alarmists out there there is no upward trend .In fact the trend is pretty flat with a peak at each end ,a couple of warmer Julys has produced a peak which could almost replicate the infamous hockey stick graph but rather than continuing the upward trend as is supposed , the following year average was below average with  a slight recovery the year after.Last year however saw a trough rather than a peak and if this year continues as it has started that downward trend should continue well below average.
I can hear the alarmists say that this is not relevant because its only the record for one place across the globe and not representative of the Earth as whole.Well sorry but the last time I looked Kent was on planet earth and if this warming is supposed to be global then Manston should exhibit a general trend upwards if the theory holds true.
Just to be sure I didnt pick the only area in the entire world that global warming doesnt effect I will over the next few weeks be picking a few other places across the country and if they exhibit the same pattern of averages as Manston then the theory of global warming is sunk .

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