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Monday, 12 December 2011

Cameron shows cojones to Merkozy.

Well David Cameron seems to have "grown some" at long last.

I was  driving when I heard that the veto had finally been brought out of the box marked "emergency use only" and actually used.Not really sure that I heard it correct but it was confirmed 30 minutes later when the BBC went into full "sky is falling in " mode telling  how we were now completely isolated from the EU which according to the Bastard Broadcasting Corporation was the end of civilisation as we know it.

Having checked on the interweb at a service station that this wasnt a new political drama being plugged I was amazed and shocked that David Cameron had actually stood up for British interests and given the EU and his coalition partners the finger.

Perhaps we have all misjudged Cameron and perhaps just perhaps there is a great leader appearing who can deliver us from the evil that is the EU .
Fuck me in one day Cameron has gone from zero to hero by employing the classic feigning weakness ploy to triumph over superior numbers of the enemy.He drew his enemy out by appearing to be on his last legs but just when Merkosy and their henchmen thought they could finish him off he pulled out the veto and wiped the smile off their faces .

Having started the war Cameron must now capitalise on his position and ditch Clegg and his utterly useless Lib Dums.If ever there was the right time to call an election now is it.Any "mainstream politician   advocating a referendum on EU membership would be guaranteed a win of epic proportions especially if they could ditch the pro Euro traitors in their midst and welcome UKIP into the fold.

We all knew that the EU and the Eurozone were on their knees but to see Cameron give them a kicking in the process has been a pleasure to behold.We are now truly witnessing the end of the EU and we can either tie ourselves to the twitching corpse or cut ourselves free and stand well back.The last week has given me hope that we have the knife in our hands ready to do the later rather than the former.Isolation from the mess that is Euroland seems very sensible to me given the circumstances and even the partly EU funded BBC cannot spin it otherwise.

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