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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Wake up Britain before its too late.

Blogging levels are inversely proportional to the work available.

Whilst work seems to be picking up the cost of fuel is crucifying many businesses including mine.With diesel going up on average 1-2 pence a litre a week costs are rising but customers are not prepared to accept my prices rising every week.
With diesel approaching £1.35 a foreign litre or the wrong side of £6 pounds a gallon in English a 1p a litre cut in excise is not going to make a bit of difference at all.In fact I doubt whether the retailers will even bother to change their prices given that prices are on a steeply rising curve.Like it or not everything you buy has to travel by road for some if not all of its journey to your local Sainsco supermarket.Whether you are buying a 50 inch TV or a packet of crisps the cost of fuel for the distribution of those products puts pressure on the price to rise.
Everything is going up in price because of the price of fuel which is amplified further by the huge tax upon tax levy on fuel.
In times of turmoil in the Middle East the raw price of fuel rises but the real problem is that the raw price of fuel is only a small percentage of what we pay at the pumps.If the government want us all to generate growth then something has to be done to reduce the tax on fuel by a substantial amount rather than the 1 pence a litre we got yesterday.The cost of fuel and the communist era bureaucracy that seems the norm in this once great country is a noose around the neck of every business in this land.Every day the noose tightens a bit more and I am afraid loosening the noose for a couple of days is only putting off the inevitable.Small businesses which were once the lifeblood of the country cannot be turned on and off like a tap,either we want people to run succesful small businesses or we dont.A lot of small business owners especially in the transport industry are on the edge and considering whether its really worth running a business at all.Small businesses should be good for growth but why should they be bled to death in order to pay off the countries debts that could be wiped out with a tap of a couple of computer keys in the treasury.The trade deficit is what should concern us most and in my opinion that is not going to improve greatly until or unless small businesses are given the chance to flourish and make money for the people who put their money where their mouth is.
If there is no money in it then whats the point.As an aside does anyone who has to actually buy things using their own money rather than an expenses claim actually believe the inflation rate of 4. something percent.My guess is that figure should be
10. something percent minimum.Given that the savings rates are next to nothing but prices are rising at 10% plus a year it doesnt take a genius to work out that we are fucked big time.Whats the answer-I dont know but unless real action is taken now we can kiss goodbye to many small businesses and therefore kiss goodbye to a decrease in unemployment and an increase in wonga flowing into the treasury so they can piss it away giving to the poor ickle Africans and the corrupt ickle Nazis of the EU.

Give me 6 months in charge of the country and I would have it sorted in no time at all.

No foreign aid.
Leave the EU.
No more money pissed away on climate change bollocks.
No immigration.
Scrap NI conts.
Reduce income tax to 10% flat rate or lower.
Slash and burn the public services including the National Death Service.
Scrap VAT.
Scrap fuel Tax.
Restrict imports and encourage home grown manufacturers.
Scrap Council tax.
3 months benefit entitlement tops.

In my view this would mean that people would be substantially better off working and they could then choose what to spend their money on.If they choose to spend their money on booze and fags then so be it but if you want health care and you have pissed all your money up the wall then the answer would be tough shit.Life should be all about personal freedom and personal responsibility not a lifetime of slavery working to see no personal benefit.

Here endeth todays lesson.

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