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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Slowly slowly catchee monkey.

I have had a bit of vermin trouble at Swing Towers recently.With a bit of patience and effort laying a few vermin traps the problem is no more.

Similarly I have been infested with hacking attempts into some of my e mail/google accounts for some time now.I could have just closed the accounts down and started again or changed the passwords (again).I decided however to play the long game and wait and see if I could smoke out the culprit.

It took many days/weeks of patience collating information about times and days of these hacking attempts to no avail.

I had a few suspects but no hard evidence until the dickhead decided to reveal themselves by posting a reply on the site giving information that would indicate that they had hacked into an e mail account used to access blogger.

As a result I now have the persons IP address and ISP indicating a local address.
My considered options are

1)Publish the persons name and IP address for all to see.
2)Report them to Sussex plod.
3)Do nothing and allow them to comment so I can insult them online for all to see.

I have not decided yet but I will probably go for option 3 with option 1 and 2 being held over as insurance.

Some people are just so stupid that they dont realise just how stupid they are.

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