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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Alaed Misinformation.

According to the western media the Russian Ship Alaed supposedly carrying attack helicopters for Syria was forced to abort its journey when its insurance cover was cancelled.The story is pretty consistent across the mainstream press in that the ship turned round and is now moored off the Northern Russian port of Murmask.To add a bit of spice to the story and a hint of where the story originated from Cameron was supposedly going to authorise the boarding of the ship in order to prevent these attack helicopters from reaching the Syrian regime.
Lets just look at the elements of this story and deconstruct it to see whether its true or just another ruse by the CIA and MI6 to facilitate the overthrow of the Assad regime in Syria.

The Alaed was indeed carrying helicopters to Syria and did turn back because the British insurer pulled the cover after being persuaded by the British Government who in typical fashion was doing Hilary Clintons dirty work for her .That however is the limit of the truth as far as this story goes and highlights the fact that perhaps the MSM is not as free as we think and is typically just a conduit for misinformation by the powers that be.
As far as I can see the ship was returning old but refurbished helicopters as part of a servicing deal on a contract between the old Soviet Union and Syria dating back to the 90s.There are no new attack helicopters being delivered to Syria on the Alaed just ancient soviet era helicopters which were probably obsolete when they were built and delivered.Now obviously any helicopter can be used as a weapons platform with minimal adaptation but they are absolutely not the high tech attack helicopters that the press and the government would have us believe.
The next part of the story that didnt ring true was that the ship was now being moored off of Murmansk which if you know your geography is in the far northern tip of the Scandinavian peninsula.
The truth is actually that the ship is mooored off the Russian Port of Baltiysk in the Baltic but hey Murmansk sounds much more cold war and believable doesnt it.
So the whole story is a crock of shite with a kernel of truth within it and has all the hallmarks of misinformation.
The biggest laugh is imagining Cameron plotting the boarding of a civillian ship on contract to Russia in international waters at the whim of the Americans.Laugh I could have cried.

Is it any wonder the mainstream media is declining when they publish rubbish like this and expect people to swallow it hook line and sinker.
However with the state of education most people younger that about 35 probably couldnt point to Russia on the map let alone know where Murmansk is.
Believe nothing -check everything.

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