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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Gun control or people control.

The control freak liberals have done a good job in brainwashing the public into thinking that guns are bad evil things that have no place in civilian hands.
The truth is the powers that be have disarmed the civil population because they are afraid of an organised armed militia rising up to retake our country and re-establish our freedoms that have been eroded to the point of non existence over the last 25 years or so.
We are now in a position whereby the criminals have the guns and the public have no means of defending themselves and their loved ones.The Police ,being an integral part of the state control system ,are not interested in defending the public or defending their rights to freedom.
Being part of the establishment the Police are there to keep the law abiding British public in check and to extract the maximum amount of pounds out of them.
The only organisation that the people have faith in to protect us from an overbearing state is the Army but they are kept occupied fighting futile foreign campaigns far away.
The line in the sand should have been when they banned handguns.Can you imagine the Americans just handing over their guns at a local police station without a fight.People need to realise that a gun is not an offensive weapon it is a defensive weapon of last resort against anyone intent on doing you or your family harm.
No weapon,no freedom,no defence,no chance.

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