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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Volcanic Ash Cloud.

It looks like the Icelandic Ash Cloud may affect the UK in a big way towards the end of the week.
Despite the useless Met Office assuring us that it definitely wouldnt happen it appears that it will.Since the Met Office became a political pawn in the fake AGW theory its ability to actually do its job has reduced to the farce we see today.They have supercomputers running calculations at eye watering speed but still they cannot correctly forecast the weather any better or over a longer term than they could 40 years ago.The problem is that the computers have clearly been programmed to process data using models that are not representative of real life.The oft used phrase "rubbish in rubbish out" is correct but if your computer has been set up to process data to come out with a desired result you end up with "data in rubbish out".
How arrogant do you have to be to assume that a programme written by a mere human can somehow replicate the Earths complex climate and therefore predict what will happen next week.They then expect us to believe that they know what the climate will be like in a hundred years.
What the fake weather/climate scientists have forgotten is that you have to look out the window and understand what is going on at the moment before you can make an educated guess about what is going to happen tomorrow.Feeding out of date and innaccurate data into a supercomputer and then subject that data to trillions of calculations a second just results in a form of electronic chinese whispers. Even if the data input is reasonably accurate each processing calculation has to be an 100% match with what is happening in the real world at that exact time .If just one tiny bit of information or calculation is out by a minute amount that will be multiplied enormously by the time the computer has finished its simulation and the end result is less than useless.
So if you want to know what the weather is going to be today buy a barometer and look out the window.If you want to know what the weather will be tomorrow then wait till tomorrow.Anything beyond that is anyones guess so why take the met office's guess as being any more accurate than anyone else.Just because someone has got a big computer doesnt mean the forecast will be anymore accurate than your guess using your eyeballs and common sense.

On a slightly related note why are the green eco fascists not jumping up and down about the huge quantities of gas including C02 being spewed into the atmosphere naturally by a volcano.They probally think its best to lie low given that if they say it doesnt matter it destroys their mad theory and if they say it does matter it destroys their argument of reducing C02 emissions when one volcano can add squillions of tons of C02 back into the atmosphere.Heads they lose ,tails they lose too.
The truth is of course that a volcano cannot be controlled and taxed but humans can.

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