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Saturday, 3 October 2009

Choose your marxist indocrination centre with care.

Its time for parents of children coming to the end of primary school to start thinking about secondary schools for Sept 2010.As residents of this fair town knows we have a commie unity college in Crowborough which takes its role as an indocrination centre seriously.Most parents (lazily in my opinion) just send their children there because its local and after all it cant be as bad as some people say can it.
Well actually folks the truth is that it is worse than most people say.Bullying is rife and all the pupils are brought down to the level of the disruptive shits that dont want to learn anything.Pupils that try to work hard are looked down on by the other pupils and the teaching staff do nothing to encourage good behaviour and good academic work.The window lickers group is the most important thing to the staff because they get lots of lovely wonga for helping so called disadvantaged shits.
It doesnt matter if there are not many window lickers in the school because they will identify children who can be turned into a window licker or little shit by a bit of indoctrination no problem.I know someone who had a child go to Beacon after leaving primary school with lots of potential and glowing reports.After a few years at Beacon this promising pupil had been labelled as having ishooos and put into the windowlickers group.In no time at all a promising pupil had been turned into a child with pound signs on their head.Connexions,social services,youth workers all line up to get their pound of flesh out of another victim that they created.In short this pupil left secondary school knowing less that they did when they left primary school
a model hard working pupil.
So listen people of Crowborough and anywhere else for that matter for a bit of free advice.
Always listen to what other people say about schools because the rumours are nearly always correct.Best advice is never put your child in the local school just because its the nearest-if you can try to get your child into a Grammar School(if available) as they are better than the (bottom of the barrel) comprehensives by a country mile.Even if your child doesnt get through the test(old 11+) then find a good
secondary school that has a good reputation within the community.Sadly despite being called a community college beacon is not one you should consider unless you want to
fuck up your childs education and life prospects once and for all.

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